dedkake (dedkake) wrote,

Dear Secret Mutant,

(modified from last year)

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am currently in the third year of my chosen profession and I'm still finding it very difficult to make room for my fan life. If I don't leave a comment on your gift for me right away, I'm sorry--please be patient--I'll get there as soon as I can! Your gift for me is already appreciated <3


I wasn't really very broad in selecting characters because I'd rather the focus be on Charles and Erik, but including any other characters is fine! Logan and Raven come in as a close contenders for favorite movie!verse characters as well. Any background pairings are fine too, although I'm not a big fan of Hank/Alex. I am also super open to having poly relationships present with Charles/Erik and any other character/s. No but really.

Things I like:

AUs (modern, political, fantasy, college, soulmates, dads with kids, wingfic, historical, mobster, scifi, fandom fusions, D/s, sport--AUs of any kind, honestly), top/aggressive Charles, age difference, BAMFery of any kind (ESPECIALLY Charles), stories that explore asexuality (although I'm also a fan of smut), and fluffy/tired smiles and cuddling.

Please stay away from:

Underage (please please please have characters in main pairings out of high school/18+), ABO, mpreg, domineering/cruel/overly-possessive Erik, canon-verse fic that takes place during the movies unless it is something not shown on camera (this is fine for art, though!), non-con, damsel in distress, feminization, epistolary fic.

About gen:

If you'd like to turn any of my prompts into gen or take my gen prompt and add pairings, that's fine.

If you are an artist and none of my prompts catch you:

My favorite things to see are happy or fluffy or goofy cuddling in any setting. Also fusions with/AUs of other fandom universes (especially sci/fi and fantasy).

More references about my preferences:

tumblr tags: AU and Ideas (also cherik, xmen, or any character name)

Thank you again and always!

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