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xmfc fic masterlist

Masterlist of all my XMFC fic. Since most of my stuff is on the kink meme or AO3, now. Definitely the most fic I've ever written for any fandom.
I might tidy some of these up and/or write more for them sometime in the future.

Charles/Erik - Charles and Erik visit Comic Con
Delete That - T, implied sex in lotr costumes

Charles/Erik - Charles and Erik relax after Comic Con
Press Release - G, Erik in a towel

Gen - Charles knows Cerebro won't work
Untitled - T, Charles is very upset

Charles/Erik - Erik compains about Charles' long hair
Stylish - G, Erik's fashion

Charles/Erik - Charles confronts Erik in the bathroom after the beach
to the end - T, blood, guilt, trust

Charles/Erik - Arranged Marriage in Space
Set Sail - E, sex in space!

Charles/Erik - Shaw won't turn on the heat in their building
building a fire - T, grumpy Erik
(Written for aesc in the Secret Mutant Madness exchange 2014.)

Charles/Erik - Erik is a detective investingating florist!Charles
Truths and Roses - T, mutation suppression
(Written for Arisu in the Secret Mutant exchange 2014.)

Charles/Erik: when the milehigh club doesn't work
Ten Years is a Long time - M, DOFP, dub-con, angry sex
(Originally prompted here.)

Charles/Erik, house arrest (kind of), the one night stand that wasn't
Snowed In - E, drunk sex, rebound sex, awkwardness
(Originally prompted here.)

Charles/Erik, Another Soulbond Reunion
Frayed - T, past abuse, self-confidence issues, feelings
(Originally prompted here.)

Charles/Erik, Charles/Shaw, bullying/abuse, dubcon, university frat au, unequal relationship
Here Tonight - T, past non-con, hazing, abusive relationship, underage drinking
(Originally prompted here.)

Charles/Erik, Erik/Everyone, visible mutations fetish + asexuality
Transparent - E, Erik sleeps with everyone

Charles/Erik, Groovy Werewolves and Such
On the Scent - E, bloodplay, knotting, vampires, werewolves
(Originally prompted here.)

Charles/Erik inspired by erotica
Service Position - E, ableism, class differences, rimming
(Originally prompted here.)

Charles/Erik: Charles is a Willing Sex Slave
Ready and Willing - E, dub-con, slavery, somnophilia, aphrodisiacs, orgasm denial
(Originally prompted here. Also posted for my longfic bingo card: orgasm denial)

Charles/Erik/Logan, The Wolverine post credits scene
The Pat Down - E, public wheelchair telepathic threesome sex

Charles/Erik, SDCC
Minifill - PG

Charles/Erik, Alex/Darwin, Angel/Emma, Azazel/Hank/Raven, LGBT activist group
Minifill - PG, Alex and Darwin and asexuality

Charles/Erik - helmet vs. hair
Minifill - G, middle aged goofs in bed being cuties

Charles/Erik, David 8 the babysitter
Minifill - G, don't hurt yourself on how sweet daddy Charles and Erik are

Charles/Erik, accidental sexting
Contact Swap - E, possible dubcon, much sexting, much sexing, much dirty talk
(Originally posted here .)

Charles/Erik: Peeping Tom
Minifill, T for Charles being a tease

Charles/Erik, Tibetan Mastiff
Dog Days - M for sexual content, sexting, Skype dates
(Originally prompted here.)

Charles/Erik, Soulmate AU
Mismatched - M for sexual content, references to the Holocaust and homophobia
(Originally prompted here.)

Charles/Erik Poor Charles/Convenience store owner Erik
A Matter of Convenience - M for sexual content, minor violence, and discrimination and slurs against mutants
(Originally prompted here and filled as my contribution to Round Two at xmenbigbang. luna2k's art is here.)

Erik/Raven, blue, fingers, pleasure, learning, confidence
Wouldn't Change A Thing - E, sexual content
(Also posted here on AO3; an entry in Porn Battle's Round 14.)

Charles/Raven, longing, fantasy, secrets
No One Knows - E, sexual content, telepathic sex
(Also posted here on AO3; an entry in Porn Battle's Round 14.)

Charles/Erik or GEN/Crack, No Capes
No Capes - T for swears and some violence and life threatening situations
(Originally prompted here.)

Erik/Charles, (not so) missed connection?
Connected - T for underage drinking and age difference
(Originally prompted here.)

Charles/Erik - Erik is a librarian, Charles is angry
Everybody Hates the Library - G, but Charles has a dirty mouth

Wanted!Crossover; Charles Xavier/Wesley Gibson - pants wetting
After Hours - E, watersports, anxiety, incest

Charles/Erik, Charles gets a massage
Minifill - T+ for Charles' pornographic noises

Charles/Erik, underaged!Erik
Untitled Fill - M, age difference, underage drinking and sex, dub-con

Charles/Erik, gang warfare AU
Deal Breaker - E, gangs, violence/gore, rough sex (dubcon?)
(Originally prompted and posted here.)

Erik/Charles, Wesley - Erik's name comes out of the loom
Untitled Fill - M, implied homophobia, implied violence

Charles/Erik are Centaurs
Minifill - T

Charles/Erik, engaged, Erik didn't know Charles is rich
Parts 1-4 - G

Charles/Erik, Charles finds out he has a kink
White - M, inappropriate thoughts around (but not involving) children

Charles/Erik, Charles buys an android!Erik
Anything for You - M, Prometheus AU, dub-con relating to owning sexbots
(Originally prompted here; also found here.)

Any, College AU, finals, Charles/Erik
Microfill - T, intoxication

Charles/Erik - Alpha/Omega - Porn Industry AU
Crack Minifill - T, 12 year olds looking at porn, implied mpreg(/a/o?)

Charles/Erik, Charles is Ridiculously Photogenic Guy
Minifill - G

Charles/Erik, unhealthy, obsessive, possessive, co-dependent relationship, blood/pain-play
Hole in the Wall - M, abuse, rough sex

Charles - Five Times Charles Lost A Friend Due to Telepathy
(plus one time he used it to lose a friend) - T, Charles/Erik, Charles/other, mind control, underage sex, slurs, angst

Charles/Erik, Azazel is as pranking asshole
Pants - M, public nudity

Charles/Erik, past Tony/Charles and Emma/Charles - College AU - Dance Club
One Part Cherry Vodka - M, intoxication, exhibitionism

Charles/Erik, Cum Shot
In the Face, with bonus image fill - T+, gunkink, asofterworld remixes
(Original prompt and unedited versions of fic and remixes found here.)

Hank/Raven, Charles/Erik, violence, oppression, Hunger Games AU w/ powers
We'll Be Just Fine - T, oppression, references to violence and death
(Originally prompted and posted here)

Charles/Erik, Omegaverse, confined space
The Importance of Elevator Music - M, dub-con/misogyny due to omegaverse
(Originally prompted here)

Charles/Erik Charles is poisoned
Untitled Fill - T, claustrophobia, illness

Charles/Erik, asshole cat
Secrets - G
(Originally posted here for renata_kedavra in secret_mutant 2011.)

steve/tony + erik/charles; double date
Double Date - T, don't worry about the fluff
(Originally prompted here, some backstory posted here)

Charles/Erik, alternate reality
Reality - T, sexual scenarios and angst
(Written for hardlyabird in the 2011 summer fic exchange.)

Charles/Erik, new relationship
Too Good - T, mentions of sex
(Originally prompted and posted here.)

Charles/Erik Angst, taking the helmet off
Drowning - T, Erik's angst
Tags: alex, charles, darwin, david 8, erik, fanfic, moira, raven, tony, wesley, xmfc

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